Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twin Sister @ The Lit Lounge (3.7.09)

What do you call a guy that loves a band but isn't in it? Not a "groupie" because that would suggest that I was a female and wanted to fuck lead singers. Is there such thing as a male groupie? Do heterosexual men throw themselves at Britney Spears so they can have sex with her in her tour bus? Something about that seems ironically homosexual.

So if I can't be a groupie, what am I? Unofficial photographer? Fan? Just a struggling artist searching for a musical muse?

Musical muse-That's it!

It was great seeing the band perform a second time. The sound was definitely better and the whole was much more polished. I must admit, I do miss watching Udbhav (keyboardist) take drags from his American spirits while playing keys and I was quite disapointed that they didn't have time to play "Dry Hump".

Other than that the place was packed, had to fight to get to the front kinda packed. I didn't even give two shits that I was blocking a bunch of middle aged women sitting down behind me, or that I accidentally knocked over a monitor that may or may not have ever been working, I was there on assignment.

So for the sake of my dignity and class, I'm going to call myself the unofficial..."Documentarian" for Twin Sister. Like a 6th wheel to the machine and instead of contributing to songs or playing an instrument, I'll be armed with a couple cameras and a few beers.

Twin Sister is definitely "on their way" though. Maybe they'll take over as "the New York City band", that would be fucking cool, but maybe they want more. It's difficult to say.

The evolution will be documented though, by The Popular Guru of course.

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