Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back From Philly

Philly was amazing! I had been before but this visit really made me fall in love. It was hard to pin point what kind of city Philly was prior to this visit; like NYC, but not really...certainly no Boston. So what kinda city IS Philly? I guess Philly is just a really (this sounds horribly cliche butt) CHILLL place. It's like parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn except over a larger area. There's less commotion, less clutter, less freaks and conartist (from what I've found). And that's not to say that Philly isn't also home to one of the worst crime districts in the US-just don't go to far North or South.

Block Shock was a well orchestrated bash. The weather was amazing, almost felt like a SUMMER day. I don't know if Philly is warmer because it's not as close to the coast as say, NYC or where I live, but it was warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt, not that I ever would.

I have a shit ton of pictures to look @, something like 300. I re-touch all my photographs in someway so don't expect a super quick turnaround with these. All I can say is, I got some REALLLLY good stuff. I'm excited to show everyone.

Definitely excited to go back to Philly.

I'm motivated.

Stay Focused.

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Bryan said...

Hey Lexis it's Bryan. I love Philly also! Glad you enjoyed it. I've always wanted to live there. I stayed there for a hot second when I was returning from Texas. Hope all is well other wise. Wish to see you when we play Port Jefferson. P.S-You can take a ferry from Bridgeport!