Sunday, April 12, 2009

To Clear it Up

So I guess it's a bad idea to write notes on facebook that say, "going to the emergency room, yay!" Not only is it shocking and scary for some but disrespectful and aggravating to others.

So from what I can piece together, last night one of my friends said he would drop into a half pipe at the local skate park, a half pipe that's probably about 10'. I don't skate board, don't think I've ever even been on top of a half pipe or any ramp for that matter, but I know damn well how scary it is to drop in, certainly if you aren't a skater. So a few people said they would do it, as if it were like jumping off a cliff into some water and I doubted every last one of them.

So that night we have a "beer pong" tournament and I loose 10 dollars which made me pissed out. And after that, everything went black.

I guess later on in the night everyone went to the skate park, myself included, and in order to get to the ramps we had to jump a fence. I jumped the fence and fell and ate shit from. Can't get into any more details other than that because I simply don't recall them.

A friend drove me home and I fucked around in my room for awhile I think. I do kind of remember taking photos of my hand and face and telling my Dad I was going to sleep.

Next morning, wake up and there's blood all over my hands. I had like 6 large cuts on my left hand, one on my right, a scrape on my chin. I found blood on the floor, on a magazine, a bloody paper towel in the trash, blood on the wall, etc.

I thought I might need stitches for my chin so I went to the hospital, which turned out to be a HUGE waste of time and money because all they did in the end was put a couple bandages on my hands.

So basically I'm perfectly alright, just gunna have a shit ton of scars on my hands for awhile and my beautiful face is a little banged up, but it could been worse.

EDIT: I've pieced the story together and I've come to the conclusion that I didn't hurt myself falling off the fence. It happened sometime when I got dropped off and went to sleep.


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