Friday, October 31, 2008

The Night of MGMT (pt. 1)

photo jacked from Faith-Ann Young

I saw MGMT perform @ McCarren Pool over the summer and again last night @ Webster Hall, except this time there were no Ting Tings to get the crowd revved up, no dodge ball and no sun to make me dehydrated.

Before the show, I saw the guys from MGMT walk in the front door of Webster Hall. They got out of an old Van that carried about 10 people. All the band members plus an entourage of gorgeous, young, model looking chicks. That right there really put the whole experience into perspective for me. The same guys worshiped by so many, walk in the front door to their own show an hour before they're suppose to get on stage? Please, I need to be in a band.

I didn't have advance tickets for the show and had no intention of paying more than 30 bucks to see MGMT. I waited long and hard in 40 degree weather, hoping for someone to toss me a ticket for free. Believe it or not, it can happen. I saw Shiny Toy Guns just last week for $0. The truth of the matter is, not everyone is a stingy ass hole trying to make a quick buck, some people are actually considerate. It only takes patience and perseverance, doesn't hurt to be kind hearted and good looking though.

So after waiting outside for about 2 hours, I decided I probably wasn't going to get a ticket. Onto plan B. Plan B was to storm the door, force my way into the show, how ever I could. The thing about Webster Hall is, there are two check points to get in, one is where the security guards check your ID, the other is where someone checks your ticket and grants you entrance into the venue. I realized that it was easy enough to get through the first check point, just hop over the velvet rope and proceed to the next check point...but how to get past the second?

I made friends with these two kids that looked like they were tripping out on maybe Acid or Xtacy. They were both wearing t-shirts. T-shirts in 30-40 degree weather on Halloween! One guy kept complaing about how he lost his ticket, the other was denied entrance for being "too intoxicated", HAHA.

"You guys wanna storm the entrance?"

"That might be our best option".

I breifed the guys on how we were going to get in. "Just use an old ticket stub and force your way through, they might not even notice us".

With out a second guess, I stepped over the velvet rope as the two security guards were checking IDs. It was too easy. Next,step, to bypass the people checking tickets. I let the tall kid in the t-shirt jump ahead of me, he already had his ticket stub out. Just as he was passing through the young lady called his attention. In a split second I pushed the tall skinny kid in front of me and slid behind him, up the stairs to the main floor. I was in! I made my way all the way to stage in fear that I was being tailed by someone.

No one was tailing me. I had successfully done what many only dreamed of. I knew that if I got caught I would probably never step foot in Webster Hall again, but that made it all the better. While some people paid 2-5x face value for a ticket to see MGMT, I paid the nothing.

To be continued...


wrylee said...

live/ die for a live show. illy

wrylee said...

and you do it dolo just like me