Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Banned....Perma Banned...From Terminal 5


Banned...Perma Banned

So I tried to see Girl Talk again for the second time in two nights. I was waiting in line to buy a ticket and it was looking to be a good night. The crowd was much more mature than it was on Sunday night, less kids, more adults. I recognized all the bouncers and security outside of course, and when I asked if they were selling tickets at the door I got this eery feeling that they remembered me too.

I had just met up with my friend Claudeen and got my ID checked when a tall white security guard came up to me and got with in half a foot of my face. It was as if he was waiting for, as if he KNEW I was coming again Tuesday night.

"You're not coming in here, get out of my line, have a nice night"

I was speechless!?!?

"Excuse me". I tried to play dumb like I had NO idea what this guy was talking about.

"Get out of my line, you're not coming in"

"I don't understand"

"Yes you do, remember me? Remember this face? Check your blog...You know exactly why you're not coming took MY picture"

Terminal 5 holds something like 2000 people. This show happened to be sold out, just like the last two shows that Girl Talk played over the weekend. The venue is HUGE, three levels, multiple bars...and this guy actually REMEMBERED ME!?!?

To make a longer story shorter, I played dumb and acted like I had no idea, just to get some intel on what THEY knew. I guess mentioning my blog to one of security was a BAD idea. He must have passed the word along and I guess "head of security" didn't find my comments so funny.

"You disrespected this venue, we take that VERY seriously. This went all the way up to MANAGMENT, we all know about you, people from Girl Talk were notified and they weren't pleased. You are not coming into night, this is a private venue, you will NEVER be allowed in here AGAIN!"

What? "People" from Girl Talk know about my blog? That's AMAZING!

What I've concluded is, I've got to be a little smarter about what I say, do and post. It's gotten to the point that my life is basically written out on the internet. Had I not posted those pictures, and advertised my blog so blatantly to the security guards, I doubt they would have remembered me.

I made several attempts to try to get back in-none of them worked. I was perma banned from Terminal 5. EVERYBODY knew me, all of security was obviously briefed about the incident, my discription was known. I tried to level with just about every guy there and all of them gave me the cold shoulder, as if they knew it was fucked up that I couldn't get in but couldn't do anything about it.

My last attempt might have made things even worse. I had to get escorted out and the "head of security" took a picture of me on his phone. There was a woman standing next to him that looked like she was someone important.

"Hang around longer and I'll make sure you're banned from every venue that we own" (Terminal 5, Bowery Ballroom, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Mercury Lounge and Wellmont Theater, plus they do TONS of events at other venues)

I left and I'm not going back.

Happy guys?



Kemit said...

Lol, I read these out of order too, but I see why they were a bit on the peeved side the following night. Hilarious!! :-D

The Popular Guru said...

Yeah, it wasn't so funny when I was there :(. Oh well, life will go on. Hopefully they won't try to ban me from all the other venues, because I frequent those pretty often.