Sunday, April 12, 2009

To Clear Things Up: The Fight

So I found out I got into an epic fight last night with a few people. The fight started when I refused to drop into the half pipe because I felt it was "too cold" and really couldn't be bothered with busting my ass. Everyone started calling me out because I was one of the people that said I would do it, under one circumstance though...MONEY!

No one wanted to put up money so I got pissed off and told them there was no way I would drop into a half pipe for shits and giggles.

So at some point the argument gets heated because I can't stand when people call me out. So I start screaming @ the top of my lungs in raged at everyone.

In the sort of cliche way that fights start and end everyone tried to hold each other back but it was no use.

I broke my right hand a year ago so it's not strong enough to fuck anyone up with so I fought with my left hand, throwing punches that go well beyond friendliness. It wasn't much of a fight because I didn't get touched, not in the face at all. did get thrown to the ground which would explain the scrape on my chin and busted knee, but I sustained few if any shots to the dome.

I don't remember the fight much other than what I've pieced together from talking to 6 witnesses and it also makes sense considering all my cuts are on the knuckles of my hands.

Not bad considering all thigs considers and the best part is there was no pain, aggressivation or rage on part...cause I don't remember!

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daaamn! thats crazy homie