Saturday, May 30, 2009


Let each cigarette pack be a lost contact and let those cigarettes disappear into eternity.

My blackberry had been acting up for days; "523 errors", battery dead after a few hours of limited use, all I saw was that damn annoying hour glass spinning around while my emails, text and phone calls were blocked. I got so frustrated not having a working phone I decided to "wipe out" my blackberry completely. Little did I know this hidden feature on my "smart phone" would delete everything saved on my sim card.

With in a few minutes I lost over four years of contacts, photos, memos I had written, everything...everything except the stupid applications that I loaded, the one thing that coudl easily have been restored.

Four years of contacts, both personal and "business" contacts. I had never once lost a phone in fact, I've had the same phone number since I first got my cell phone at the age of 13.

I had some interesting contacts in that address book, a lot of people I met and will probably never hear from again.

Now most people that loose their phones make one of those facebook groups asking for everyone to hand out their number in a public forum. Ironically, and quite tragically, I've deliberately "screened" my facebook so that my friends on facebook hardly represent the people I would want in my phone book, and contrary to popular belief, not everyone is on facebook.

It's not that I'm so important, that my contacts have "real value", it's like I said, some people in my lost address book are now effectively, permanently, erased from my life. If having someones number in your phone and never calling them is rude, loosing their number for good is a plain waste of time.

In typical fashion, with in a few hours I was able to accept my demise. Realizing I was careless and rash with my actions I had no one to blame but myself'; but a wise man once told me to never get upset over something that can be replaced, instead save your tears for things that cannot be replaced.

I suppose this situation might fall somewhere in the gray area, seeing as I'm not sure 4 years of contacts are easily replaceable.

So then fuck it, let's build another four years of contact, and this time...let's back them up onto a super computer so they'll never be lost. Fuck a facebook group, I'm not making one, this is a sign, a sign to start a new and create an even better address book. I won't forget the people the numbers that were lost, or the people that were lost I should say, instead I'll do my best to hopefully meet those people again.

Drop your name/number if you read this and think I should have it.


PS. I have an old sim card with three years of contacts on it, so I guess I shouldn't be that mad.

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