Monday, June 08, 2009



So on friday I get an invite from a friend that I literally haven't seen in 2 years, almost to the date. We took a screen writing class together @ SVA back when I was young, confused and had no understanding of what "good" writing was. For the class I wrote this screen play titled, "Field of Love" which was a love story based on the song Angel by Jimi Hendrix.


It was weird seeing my friend after 2 years. We had kept in contact and all that, but other than seeing a few facebook pictures of her or what ever I hadn't seen her. I remembered her as this cute little jewish girl that said what ever was on her mind, but in a very humorous and innocent way.

"You sound different"

"I was 16"

The get together was suppose to be the anti prom party. I think prom is such an overrated event. We grow up watching television and old movies thinking that we'll be virgins up until prom night, when we find a date and finally get layed. That's all bullshit, sure you might get layed, but the romance and extravagance is overrated. Then again, who am I to talk, I didn't go to my prom either.


That night I was drinking Steel Reserve. I purposefully bought four, as opposed to six. A lesson on Steel Reserve: it's like 13% alcohol and comes in either 16 ounce cans, or 40oz's if you're a rebel like me. Think of it as drinking 2-3 times as much alcohol as you would if you were drinking something like Coors.

I never really got drunk but I was dead tired because I had worked all day, downer fest 2.0 for me. So @ like 1am I crawl under the covers of the hotel bed thinking I was going to chill and relax but actually end up passing out. I don't know what went on while I was asleep, but I didn't wake up with any writing on my face so I assume everyone just hung around and wondered about me


There was this one kid, and again, I don't remember any ones name except my friend, that said he thought it was alright for heterosexual males to make out with other guys. I thought he was Bi-sexual or gay but he claimed he wasn't. A bit of a shock for me but aside from his views on what is considered humorous versus homosexual he was a cool guy.

"You've never kissed a guy?"

"Hell no, like make out with a guy?"


"Dude, what the fuck..."

I wake up around 3am and people are leaving but I'm full of energy and want some more beer and music and excitement. But everyone's trying to fit into this one bed, peacefully ready to call it a night.

I lay in the bed for 15 minutes and realize there's no way I'm going to sleep.

I get my shit, take a subway to Union Square, walk to Webster Hall and see if I can get into the studio.

"We close in half an hour, it's 4:30"


I decide my nights over, but not before getting two cheese burgers and large fries from McDonalds on 14th st and a Budweiser for the ride back.

Come back to the hotel, which was empty the entire night, no door man, no receptionist, nobody. I sleep on a chair for an hour, wake up @ 5am walk to GC and head back to CT to work @ 9am.

Sleep when you're dead.

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