Sunday, June 14, 2009

And Everyone Laughed PT.1

Saturday June 13th I went to Williamsburg to shoot an event. I had no idea what to expect at this event but I knew is it was going to be a wild night.

And a wild night it was.

Despite not getting paid, I was compt admission and was given the holy stamp of free drinks for the night. Let me go on record and say that I will pass up $10-$15/hour for free drinks any gig! On top of that the bar tenders were super cool, giving me three drinks at a time (which I gave out to pretty girls) or a shot and vodka tonic hand in hand which I consumed myself.

There were a bunch of freaks and geeks there but what would do one expect at a circus themed event.

There was a "guy" dressed as woman, but he didn't look like a woman, didn't talk like a woman but insisted to be referred to as a "she". I think "she" was wasted and made a lot of people pissed off.

The night was running a bit slow due to a ton of delays, so I spent much time at the bar drinking PBRs and socializing with crowd.

The first person I met was John, the so called "strong man" of the event. As pictured, his head was covered in tatooo, which was interesting and intimidating at the same time. What I've learned about bouncers or "strong me" is, they rarely have to act physical, they mostly just have to look it. Read more about Tim HERE.

I met three beautiful girls that were friends with the promoter that "hired" me, and I used my charm and free drink stamp to woo them into doing a mini photo shoot. We took a bunch of staged photographs that all suck, because I wasn't taking the photos and none of them knew how to use my camera, good times though. Read about that HERE.

Eventually the night got started and everyone migrated to where the circus was being held.

I guess I was a bit "numb" to what was going on, either that or too busy trying to take photos but at the time I didn't think that what they were doing was that amazing. But now, after two days rest, I realize the shit they were doing was truly INSANE! No still photography can illustrate the level of skill these performers had.

Picture two people swinging back and forth at counter speeds and then one of the two performers throwing themselves in the air while the other one catches them by the hands. Perfection and madness at it's greatest.

There were a few lame acts that got boo'd off stage, guess that's the nature of being a circus performer.

All of this pre-ceeded an electro-house dance party!


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