Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Just Want I Just Want

Steve Aoki played Webster Hall last Friday and I got in to see him for FREE. This is the second time I've "snuck into a show" due to unruly circumstances. In short I managed to jump in with Mark The Cobra Snake & Aoki's entourage just as they were entering the Hall. Read about that HERE.

Count the number of dudes

I'll be completely honest and say, the crowd was kind of lame, looked like a lot of people that didn't belong in the same place @ once. Webster Hall has turned into a giant mess of a venue. Too much going on in one place, always crowded, the female to guy ratio was bad enough to make me walk up stairs to the Spanish hall of a

The stage was packed, I don't know why so many people wanted to be on stage. The best way to listen to a show is to be facing the performer. The only reason why I wanted to go on stage is to take photos. Shouts to Igor from Driven By Boredom and Nicky Digital and to the cute girls dancing on the speakers.

Having an SLR and the right attitude get get you far in life. I easily made my way right up to the table of the DJ booth. Several times, fans were in my way but when they saw my camera, they politely gave up their spot to allow me to get some shots.

It's hard to take 200 photos and listen to music at the same time but Aoki's set was mildly entertaining, though it did come off as very routine. Let's just say it was nothing like Diplo playing Webster Hall or even Xavier from Justice. But hell, place was packed and people enjoyed themselves, can't complain

What made the performance worth while though were the moments of intense energy. Aoki jumping on the table, microphone in hand singing to "Warp". Or his signature moves of dowsing himself with water, guzzling vodka himself and offering it to female fans.

I was so dehydrated I was itching for that vodka the whole time. I wanted to ask the guy next to me, who was some how affiliated with Aoki if I could get a shot, but I knew the answer would be "No".

Aoki ended his set, there was no encore, he took his bow and bolted off stage. I tried to find that dressing room that we all were in together or Mark but never did. The night didn't end there though, I kept going till 9am.

I took so many god damn photos of Aoki it's rediculous, too many to edit, here's the entire ALBUM.

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